The people behind the success of "MUSICAL MEMORIES".

Many people think a show like Musical Memories just happens.   If that were true, everyone would have a show.   It takes years of skills and dedication to produce shows of the caliber Martha is known for.    Below are the two people that truly make Music together...


MARTHA  REED GARVIN- Host of Musical Memories 

 Martha Reed Garvin has been a professional musician for over thirty years, singing and playing for conventions, weddings and memorial services in and around the Chicago land area.When Martha Sings, (host of the radio and television program, MUSICAL MEMORIES) people listen all around the world.  Martha performs hymns and traditional gospel music that cynics may consider passe. However, she says that she started the program to prove those doubters wrong.

"In 1988 when our youngest was a senior in high school", Martha says, "I began to realize that young people like my own five children really did't know these blessed old songs.  That seemed like a real shame because the best of these hymns are timeless. They've endured because they bring a lot of encouragement and comfort to people." Thus the start of MUSICAL MEMORIES.

MUSICAL MEMORIES radio program now airs over many stations, including VCYof America Satellite since 1997;  New Evangelistic Radio Satellite started airing the program in 1998; and in June of 1999, MUSICAL MEMORIES stated airing over Sacred Favorites (Sky Angel's Radio Satellite); in addition to the many local stations that air the 28:30 minute program. Most radio networks have INTERNET access which also airs the program.

 MUSICAL MEMORIES television program airs on VCY-TV, channel 30 out of Milwaukee; this Christ centered networkd aires the program daily at 9:00 AM, 7:00 Sat. evening, and 12:00 noon on Sunday. The program can also be heard in Indianapolis 5:30 AM Sunday, Birmingham, El Paso, TX 6:30 Sunday, St. Louis, Mo, York, PA; Red Lions, PA Winonah, MN, and many local stations. 

The program can now be heard around the world on two short-wave bands. WINB out of Red Lion, PA, and WCCR band out of Nashville airs the program weekly.  It can be heard live over the INTERNET on Sunday at 9:30 PM EST at;  8:30 PM on www.VCYAmerica, 5:30 AM on www.WONU;  well as many other sites. Recently word was received that it is airing on short wave radio in Israel, South Pacific, New Zealand, and Australia. It was reported that someone in China heard the program.

Martha has a 'unique sense of humor' and is in demand as musician, speaker and entertainer for many conventions and Ladies retreats, Senior Retreats, across the United States.

MUSICAL MEMORIES can be heard world-wide, Martha always says "My main job is being wife and Mother!


George R. Garvin- Support Staff & Husband

George Garvin is the husband of Martha and a wonderfully supportive part of the Musical Memories Ministries.  Often you can find George selling tapes, carrying videos, or driving literally thousands of miles a year for Musical Memories.   

Before Musical Memories, George Garvin was President and CEO of Sam Garvin Company, now known as Garvin Industries.  Through his years of hard work running a factory, he used his resources to assist numerous missionaries with packing oversees containers with food and supplies.        
It is little known fact that George spearheaded a project that sent an entire industrial kitchen to the mission field overseas, a massive undertaking.    He and his sons also packed a Helicopter for transport in an overseas container for Missionary John Sprunger, who flew medical supplies to outposts in Africa.  It was in these times that John Sprunger was able to share the word of God to all he met.  

There are few like George Garvin, and he is one that truly flies under the radar in this world,  but the Lord has used his unique gifts in Glorious and magnificently wondrous ways to further the spread of the word of God!