Current News:

Our big news is Grandbaby # 11 arrived in Nashville TN April 26th, 2010.  Benjamin Garvin Spruill weighed in at 9 lbs and his happy parents are Jimmy and Lisa Spruill. I am sure you will remember our baby girl Lisa who sings with me every Christmas. Benjamin is welcomed by his big sister Mary Elizabeth And older Brother Tomkins. Yes, Jimmy and Lisa have their hands full and love every minute of it. We are thankful and blessed with this addition that God has given our family. He is a darling!

Recently I was contacted by several local access channels, one in Winona, Minnesota, also York, PA wanting to air the program. A local residents had contacted them and ask to consider airing the program. That is all that it took to start airing the program in Winona, MN and York, PA!  If you have an access/cable network in your area and want to give them a call, perhaps they would be interested in airing MUSICAL MEMORIES.  I will be glad to send the  DVD's monthly to their station without charge. 

I have been told that several other networks air the program on the satellite and as soon as I know for sure where you can tune in, I will let you know. I so appreciate your faithful listening to the old songs that we sang together on the program. 

Thanks again for being so faithful in your support for MUSICAL MEMORIES, for listening and watching the "OLD SONGS OF THE FAITH" that I like to call MUSICAL MEMORIES. Be sure and let your local station know that you enjoy the program (it does make a difference).