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...we're glad you stopped in.  God is doing wonderful and exciting things each and everyday to advance the Ministry started over fifteen  years ago on a small Christian college campus radio station,  WONU in Bourbonnais, Ill. Who could ever believe that since 1990 when MUSICAL MEMORIES first started, that the program would go  'around the world'? Our Heavenly Father knew that there were many of us who love these blessed old songs that we sing on  MUSICAL MEMORIES. 

Musical Memories News...

 Recently I have learned that MUSICAL MEMORIES has started 'streaming'. If you are like me, you may not know what that means. I had to learn!
On your computor, type in:  you will notice under one of the headings is  MEDIA; put your arrow on that and you will see VIDEO ON DEMAND;  click on that, about half way down the page, again you will see Video on demand; ( it is hi-lighted in blue) click on that and scroll down to WTJR Classics (that is MUSICAL MEMORIES)  Click on the arrow on the left side of WTJR Classic and you will see MUSICAL MEMORIES. They are programs that have been aired.   I think there may be 10-12 programs that you can listen to, or sing-along with me. So anyone, world-wide with a computor with internet, can listen to MUSICAL MEMORIES! AMAZING!   OR go to Sunday evening at 9:00 CDT click on live broadcast and you will see MUSICAL MEMORIES!
The Network in Milwaukee, VCY of America is working on getting their network 'streaming' also. I will let you know when that happens,  which also means, I do need your continual prayers as the gospel goes to all nations through MUSICAL MEMORIES.
More than a year ago, MUSICAL MEMORIES started airing in York, PA. It airs  on WRCT Sun. at 2 PM, Mon 8:30 AM, Wed. 8 PM, Thrus 2 PM Sat. 10 AM; also Red Lion TV station Tues, 1:30 PM.  This again prompts me to tell you that often, if you contact your local Access/Cable network, they will often air the program in your area without charge. Just let them know and they will usually contact me, which then I will add to my monthly list. They are often looking for programs just like MUSICAL MEMORIES .

Because you are reading this which tells me you have access and know how to use a computer, let me remind you that MUSICAL MEMORIES can be heard through your computer. If you type in my name via Goggle, it will list all the stations that air the program.   Check their schedule as to the time and day that they air the program.
Since I send out many DVD's per month,  Most networks use DVD's as they seem to be better quality and last longer. If you would be interested in receiving these monthly DVD's;Please (four program per disc) let me know, make sure I have your address, and the DVD's  will be in the mailmy gratitude for being so supportive, since 1990!I would be more than glad to add your  name to my monthly list to receive 4 programs, per month.